Best Cross-Body EDC Bags Comparison 2021

What are the best cross-body EDC bags and travel pouches for 2021?

There are many small lightweight cross-body everyday carry (EDC) bags and travel pouches on the market. Their convenient size and utility make these bags something to consider for anyone on-the-go, traveling, or someone who needs a convient everyday carry bag.

Below we review some of the most popular cross-body bags in the world. Our review considers the following matrix of features and specs:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Padding & Ventilation
  • Water Resistance
  • Support / Snug Fit
  • Ease of Use

Obviously, we are biased to our own GBY Ultralight cross-body bags, but we try to be very honest and praiseworthy of other brands as well. There are many great bags on the market.

  1. GBY Ultralight Cross-Body Bag 01
  2. Topo Designs Mini Quick Pack
  3. Cookies Layers Smell Proof Nylon Shoulder Bag
  4. Bellroy City Pouch
  5. Lululemon Easy Access Crossbody
  6. Louis Vuitton Utility Crossbody
  7. Gucci Off The Grid Mini Bag
  8. GBY Ultralight Cross-Body Bag 02
  9. Fjallraven High Coast Pocket Sling Bag