Free Gear Program

We are old school. We like to give away free gear to people that we think best represent our brand.

If you can promise us the following, we might just send you some free stuff:

  • You are a radical individual and you represent the ethics of truth, non-conformity, community, and unfiltered adventure. For example, maybe you build stuff with your hands, make music, make the world's finest coffee, surf your brains out, volunteer or garden in your community, have the nastiest ankle pick or double leg in the state of Michigan, have the smoothest opposite-side Imanari roll, or just generally do cool stuff that you like to share.
  • You have the ability to create some content. You might be a photographer or know a great photographer.
  • You will share on social platforms the content that you create and spread love for GBY Ultralight and what we represent.

Reach out to us on Instagram or shoot us an email. Be persuasive!