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Ultralight Cross-Body Bag 02

Color: Black
Size: 1.6 L

The Ultralight Cross-Body Bag 01 and Cross-Body Bag 02 are the finest and most technical lightweight cross-body bags on the market designed for essential everyday carry (EDC). Together with the Sling Bag, they make up our collection of high-performance ultralight cross-body bags. These three bags are designed for rapid ergonomic access, i.e. usability that is effortless and rapid, easy to open, and easy to access. The Cross-Body Bag 01 and Cross-Body Bag 02 are designed for either loose shoulder wearing, or tight wearing against the chest or sternum. The Cross-Body Bag 01 and Cross-Body Bag 02 are designed with a hide-able elastic waist strap.

Cross-Body Bag 02

The Cross-Body Bag 02 is a highly technical accessory bag that uses our our special SS2-Ultra waterproof ripstop nylon, sourced from Japan for it’s smooth hand feel and ultralight strength. We use only custom YKK water-resistant zippers (sourced directly from Luther at YKK headquarters in Taiwan), the highest quality YKK and Woojin buckles, and military-grade nylon straps. With a different and unique shape from the Cross-Body Bag 01, the 02 is also designed to carry your most important everyday assets.

At 4.7 oz (133 g) the Cross-Body Bag 02 is extremely lightweight, much lighter than comparable bags on the market. It is designed for everyday wear, encouraging maximum comfort with breathable mesh backing atop our 360HD high-density foam. The entire bag is lined with our featherweight strength mesh that adds additional padding for your important items.

The Cross-Body Bag 02 is designed for single hand entry, where the bag can be unzipped and rapidly accessed with one hand. Sorry it's designed primarily for right-handed people. If we sell more, we can make a left-handed version!

We stand behind our product. All of our products come with a 1-Year Warranty against construction defects.

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We stand behind our products and offer an industry leading one year warranty.

Color: Black
Size: 1.6 L
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