Best Laptop Backpacks To Improve Posture, Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain 2020

Are you looking for a laptop backpack that will help to reduce pressure on your neck, back, shoulders and spine, and help to reduce pain?

Backpacks are great. They are handy, efficient, easy to carry, and good at distributing weight. However, backpacks can cause issues with back and neck posture, causing neck, back and shoulder pain. These issues can become more acute with more weight added to the backpack. This is the case with a laptop, which is quite heavy.

In children, backpacks have been linked to disc compression, lumbar asymmetry, and incorrect lower back curvature. As we grow older, if our posture or spinal health and alignment are already compromised due to a life of big adventures, heavy laptop bags and backpacks can further degrade our condition and cause pain, posture realignment, inflammation and irritation.

When we consider carrying a laptop inside of a bag or backpack, this increases the weight substantially. The first and best way to improve a laptop bag or backpack's effects on the posture, neck, back, spine and shoulders is to reduce its weight. The second way to improve a laptop bag or backpack is by improving its ergonomics. The third way to improve a laptop bag or backpack is by improving its padding.

Below we review some of the best and most popular laptop backpacks in the world that are recommended to reduce back, neck, shoulder and spinal discomfort. Our review considers the following matrix of features and specs:

  • Weight
  • Ergonomics & Padding
  • Laptop Protection

Obviously, we are biased to our own bag, but we try to be very honest and praiseworthy of other brands as well. There are a lot of great bags out there, but our Ultralight Laptop Day Pack is truly unique!

  1. GBY Ultralight Laptop Day Pack
  2. Fjallraven Kanken Laptop 15"
  3. Incase Icon Slim Backpack
  4. Bellroy Slim Backpack
  5. Jansport Agave Backpack
  6. Swedish Posture Vertical Backpack
  7. AmazonBasics Slim Carry On Travel Backpack
  8. Cocoon Slim Backpack
  9. North Face Kaban Backpack